Christrose White Christmas in einer grünen Schale mit Zweigen und Zapfen natürlich dekoriert
Naturally beautiful

For many flower enthusiasts, the Christmas Rose is an absolute must around Christmastime. Very popular uses include the combination with Christmas ornaments to create festive accents on the dining table or a Christmas welcome message in the entrance area. This natural arrangement in a bowl shows that the Christmas Rose can add a pleasant winter mood even without any Christmas ornaments.

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    Getrocknete Blätter

    Z.B. Buche oder rötliche Zwergahornblätter 

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    Die Schale sollte nicht zu flach gewählt werden, da auf den Wurzelballen der White Christmas noch eine Moosschicht gelegt wird.

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    Z.B. Kugelmoos

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    Christrose White Christmas

    Im Fachgartencenter oder im Floristenfachgeschäft erhältlich.

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    Hier kann eine normale Zimmer- oder Balkonpflanzenerde aus dem Fachgartencenter verwendet werden.

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    Leicht mich Flechten bedeckte Zweige unterstreichen zusätzlich den näturlichen Look.

  • Step 1 Naturally beautiful

    Fill a planting bowl with loose soil mix. Don't firm the mix, because you need room to add the root balls of your leafless Christmas Roses.

    Step 2 Naturally beautiful

    Remove the pots and place the leafless Christmas Roses, including the growing medium around its root ball, in the bowl.

    Step 3 Naturally beautiful

    To arrange the plants as desired, simply push the soil mix to the side with your hand as needed. Make sure to centre the plants in the bowl, if you want to create the impression of the bowl containing a single large perennial.

    Step 4 Naturally beautiful

    Place pieces of ball moss onto the soil mix along the edges to form a dense carpet that covers the mix completely.

    Step 5 Naturally beautiful

    Add light-coloured pieces of twigs and autumn leaves to create a natural forest floor look.

    The result! Naturally beautiful

    Little expenditure, large impact – you can collect most of the materials used from your own garden. Naturally beautiful!



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