HGC® SP Loren

Helleborus x hybridus

Snowdrops (Galanthus) and winter aconites (Eranthus) welcome Lenten Rose Loren when it begins to flower in January. Not only romanticists fall for the charm of Loren's pale pink, double flowers. Together with grape hyacinths (Muscari), liverwort (Hepatica nobilis) and wood anemone (Anemone nemorosa), the variety adds colour to the dormant garden. Lenten Roses thrive next to deciduous woody plants that provide shade for this evergreen, low-care perennial in the summer.

Flowering time: January
Growth vigor: 30-40cm
Location: partial to full shade
Spacing: 70 cm
Planting time in the garden: spring and fall, when the ground is not frozen
Planting planter: all year around
Companion plants: Brunnera, Tiarella, Muscari