September to November is a good time to plant Christmas Roses, when the plants are not in flower and the ground is not frozen.

To plant Christmas Roses properly, first look for a place in the garden sheltered from the midday sun. Christmas Roses are very comfortable under deciduous woody plants where the blazing summer midday sun cannot hurt them.

By contrast, the mild winter sun doesn't harm them. The planting instructions provide you with a step by step guide on how to plant Christmas Roses in the garden. Also, the Uses section offers instructions and ideas on how to plant planters for balconies and terraces and use Christmas Roses as decorative flowers for the home. Christmas Roses are also perfect for winter plantings on gravesides.


Planting distance

Christmas Roses are slightly more compact and slower growing than Snow or Lenten Roses. This is why they only require a planting distance of approximately 30-50 cm in bedding.

Step 1

Have the following tools handy: a bucket of water, a watering can full of water, a spade as well as perhaps compost, horn shavings and eggshells to fertilise and improve the soil as needed. Dig a hole that is at least double the size of the root ball and loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole to a good depth.

Step 2

Remove the plant from its pot, immerse the root ball in a bucket of water until it is thoroughly moist, and the air bubbles stop rising to the surface.

Step 3

Place the Christmas Rose so that the top of the root ball is lightly covered with soil and use your hands to form a small circular ridge around the edge for improved water retention.

Step 4

Water the Christmas Rose in after planting and ensure water supply is adequate in the subsequent weeks, because the roots of the Christmas Rose take several weeks after planting to spread out in the soil.

Christmas Roses are very low-care and grow more beautiful every year!