Range of Spring Promise® Lenten Rose varieties

Lenten Roses, with their sheer unlimited range of colours and shapes, have long ceased to be the insider tip for garden enthusiasts. Like other hellebores, they make their appearance in the cold season. Lenten Roses flower from January until well into spring.

Lenten Roses (H. x hybridus) are often incorrectly called Helleborus x orientalis. However, they stem from crosses between the oriental hellebore (Helleborus orientalis) and various other acaulescent (stemless) species from this genus.

Spring Promise® Lenten Roses from the Helleborus Gold Collection®, like all other varieties in the Helleborus Gold Collection®, must meet the highest genetic standards for plant health and floriferousness in order to secure their place as brilliant highlights of colour in the garden. Lenten Rose Spring Promise® Elly is a very early bloomer producing elegant double blooms that break into flower as early as December.