HGC® SP Conny

Helleborus x hybridus

The little red dots brushed on the large white flowers of Lenten Rose Conny give the plant something of a frisky look. The creamy white buds open from January into late spring. Conny is a low-care perennial that makes an immediate impression not only in the garden. Planted in containers together with spring flowers such as grape hyacinths (Muscari), daffodils (Narcissus) and tulips (Tulipa), this hardy, long-lived and partial shade-loving perennial also adds cheerful dashes of colour to any balcony or terrace.

Flowering time: January
Growth vigor: 30-40cm
Location: partial to full shade
Spacing: 70 cm
Planting time in the garden: spring and fall, when the ground is not frozen
Planting planter: all year around
Companion plants: Narcissus, Tulipa, Myosotis